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Nashville Home Buyers

What does the Real Estate Market means to a Nashville Home Buyer?

The real estate boom means that the Nashville market is in a potential housing bubble. Property value is increasing rapidly, and Nashville is experience almost record growth and development. For people looking for property to purchase, this can present a challenge. It’s great for the seller, who may decide, “I want to sell my Nashville home fast,” and because of the rapidly increasing property values, may be able to get decent return on investment for a well-maintained and kept home. It can present a challenge to the buyer, though. The real estate boom and subsequent housing bubble means that property is actually increasing in value so rapidly that the median price of houses is higher than any previous housing bubble Nashville has experienced, which means that owning property or your own

home may be far less affordable than in previous years. This can be daunting to the Nashville home buyer, but there are affordable options – in fact, because of the ever escalating values of property in Nashville, now may not be the best time to purchase the “perfect” home, but for a home buyer looking for affordable options and a good return on investment, purchasing a distressed property can provide significant capital growth.

How Can Strive Properties Help?

A distressed property is a property that the owner cannot keep up or maintain. Whether they are behind on payments and facing foreclosure, or no longer able to keep up with the maintenance and appearance on a home, a distressed property is one that faces problems – and also has tremendous potential. When a Nashville homeowner wants to sell their home fast, particularly in the cases of distressed properties, Strive Properties will buy it. With this unique business model, Strive Properties is able to offer a variety of distressed properties that they have purchased and can resell, which allows you, the home buyer, to obtain a problem property for well below market value. With a little investment and work, many distressed properties can be turned around quickly, and with the real estate boom, this provides not only great return on investment, but also affordable options in a rapidly increasing housing market.

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