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Nashville Home Buyers Discuss The Soaring Home Prices

Nashville area home are climbing at a fast pace. This is making out great for people that actually own a home, but the people that are looking, not so much. Housing affordability declined 5.7 percent in the fourth quarter.

The median sale price of single-family homes rose 10.7 percent equaling out to $207,300. Although are single-family homes prices are rising dramatically, they are still under the U.S. median price of $222,700.

Our Nashville home buyers know that there is a 99% residential occupancy rate and we don’t expect to see

prices start to fall any time soon. With so many people moving into this area, simple supply and demand tells us that home prices should stay on a steady incline. We are looking forward to riding this wave along with the other local investors.

Our Metro was the 52nd-most expensive market among 179 cities. The five most expensive markets were in California and Hawaii.

Strive Properties makes sure to take care of our clients and offer fair prices to them. We can buy your Nashville home fast and give you an offer with 24hrs of inspection.

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