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Nashville Is Going Through A Construction Boom - Will It Last?

By now everyone is aware of how fast the city is moving, and Nashville has made a place for itself with national recognition everywhere. Continuous headlines are always boasting more and more boom, even we are guilty over potential over hype, but there are some skeptics.

“I know of multiple projects that are either in jeopardy or are likely dead,” one high-profile local developer, who asked to go unnamed, told the Post.

The Nashville Post is claiming that they have talked with upwards of 20 developers, investors and commercial real estate brokers and they believe that all signs are pointing to the market to cool off. I think that everyone can agree that this type of increase can’t go on forever, but there is a different type of aura about Nashville that keeps people moving here. As long as people are moving here, home prices will go up, and inventory will be needed.

Our Nashville real estate experts know this market as well as anyone. Our business depends on us making good, fair market value offers. We can help get you out of a real estate jam, or assist you in other needs.

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