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Nashville Home Buyers Discuss 2016 Real Estate Predictions

2015 was a significant year for Nashville and Middle Tennessee area. It was also a superb year for the area’s real estate market, and early signs indicate that 2016 will stay in identical direction. Our Nashville Home Buyers talk about the different Nashville Real Estate forecasts we can look forward to.

More activity! In the most recent past, we have seen a crazy amount of heat rising in the real estate

market in Middle Tennessee. More and more parts of the city are seeing action and moves are being made.

Moderate price growth. The past year was fantastic for early buyers. Prices grew and we are forecasted to see the same this year!

More millennial buyers. Over 80 people a day are moving to Nashville and a majority of them are young professionals and dreamers. These people will need a place to live.

Limited choices. With so many people making the move to the heart of the south, Music City is primed to bring big prices and little room to be picky. When a home goes up for sale, people are buying these Nashville Homes fast. Choices will be limited!

With so many good things to appear forward to, there will also be challenges. Mortgage rates increased slightly at the end of 2015 and additionally they could rise again this current year. Either way, these concerns pale in comparison to what we are supposed to be seeing. Strive Properties are experts in the Nashville Real Estate market. We enjoy providing our community with prestigious service and trustworthy culture.


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